Windows OEM System Builder


I have been working ti build my first PC, and have noted that multiple retailers list the OEM System Builder as the first product wen looking for windows 7. So my question is this,

> Does the Windows 7 OEM System Builder effect personal use of a system?

> Does the use of Windows 7 OEM System Builder effect hardware compatibility ( replaceing GPUs, CPUs and other hardware).

Thanks for your time.

- ThePhantomOne



[OK cool thanks all]

No and no

No,sir.For both your questions.

OEM licenses are for individual builders(ie,not businesses,iirc.Shitload of legal jargon there)

Hardware compatibility depends on your research on the components.Do take your time on that.

For your personal needs, the OEM copy works in exactly the same way as a retail copy. Though, the OEM copy might tie itself to your motherboard. There are ways around that.

You should have every confidence to purchase the cheaper OEM version and just use that.