Windows not accessing hard drive after linux (SOLVED)

Update is at the bottom.

I can be bad at explaining situations like this so I’ve made a key:
HDD a1: the main hard drive to the system that died. It has ubuntu installed (i think 16.10 or 16.04).
HDD b1: the main hard drive for my main pc and has windows 10 installed (with Creators update).
HDD b2: my secondary hard drive in my main pc. It’s a 6TB HGST that I use for media and game storage.

I had data on a1 that I needed to access, but that PC died (It’s old and I think the PSU went out on it). I unplugged b1, plugged in a1, and booted it up fine. I copied the data I needed from a1 to b2 and everything went well without any problems. I even didn’t have the NTFS error I normally get where you have to go through the terminal to give yourself access. However when I swapped a1 and b1 and booted into windows, b2 shows up but is inaccessible.

From File Explorer it shows up as Drive E and even shows it’s name, but doesn’t give any information about how much free space it has. When you try to access it, it says access denied. Right clicking and selecting properties doesn’t help either.

From Disk Management it shows up just fine and it even shows me how much free space it has. Going to properties even provides information.

Here is a picture where the what I’ve said above is shown left to right.

Also, when I got to Events for the drive from Disk Management there are 3 (chronological order):
1: Device Started (Disk)
2: Disk Configured (Disk.inf)
3: Device Not Migrated

I’ve found that any program that is installed on the hard drive will still run. That got me thinking and I can access it through the command line as well. However going through File Explorer still gives me the access denied error.

Something about accessing the hard drive through Linux caused Windows to lose all permissions except for system level access. I was able to grant access to every user, but it appears there was some data loss. If anyone can explain why or if they have an idea why this happened that would be great. I used to use Linux all the time for tasks like this, but until I know what happened it isn’t worth the risk.