Windows Mixed Reality Thread

I got the Lenovo Explorer Bundle on the way from amazon, was on sale new as cheap as the refurbished one and I couldn’t help myself.

Thought I’d see who else has a headset in the Windows MR family, how they like it, mods/hacks that they may have done and what ever else related. Would love to know if anyone is trying to make it work on Linux.

Will post more in a few days, when I get my headset and test it out.

I’ve got the Dell Visor WMR. Initial experience with it was bloody awful.

Screen kept going black intermittently, and I spent about a week troubleshooting the issue. Finally the screen completely died in one eye, indicating that it almost definitely was a hardware fault.

A 30 minute phone call with Dell, and I got a replacement the next day. From then-on-in it’s been great :smiley:.

The only mod I’ve done is replace the foam with a 6mm PU leather one. It gives a tiny FOV improvement and also makes it wipeable after sweaty Beat Sabre sessions :laughing:. The stock foam just absorbs sweat which gets a bit nasty after a while.

I’m actually looking forward to the October Windows 10 update, as it’s bringing the ability to look out of the cameras on the front of the HMD, along with the ability to launch Steam games directly from the WMR home.

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