Windows login is SLOW

Well I just did a fresh install of windows 7 and then upgraded to 10 (because of issues) and now when I enter my password it takes ten times longer then it used to to log in. Any fixes? I have my start up programs down to 3 low impact ones and i have done every trick i know to speed up my system. Its running off of a Kingston savage SSD and it has been for a while but for some reason this install takes 15 seconds after i enter my password to load to my desktop. it used to take only 2 seconds and 15 feels like FOREVER. Things I have done include changing my system to boot off of all 6 cores, disabled all windows apps from running in the background, Gone into regedit and set the values on enableulps to 0, running chkdsk /f to repair any and all drive issues, gone into system configuration and on the boor page set the time out for 3 seconds.

Reinstall windows 7

dont do an upgrade do a fresh install of ten also make sure that your drive is set to AHCI

I want to keep running windows 10 for DX12. If was going to downgrade i would go back to 8.1 and use start is back. But that is a TON of work and i just got my system running after a total failure because of amd drivers.

I don't have a 10 ISO. when i upgraded from 8.1 to 10 the initially it was super fast. Even my login speed on 7 was faster.

DX12 isn't even really a thing yet though, also ya, do that, reinstall 10 from scratch

You can get it from the kit from microsoft.

is it possible to run the 10 ISO and just install over my current 10 to keep all my apps and files?


You should split your hard drive into 2 partitions and keep all your stuff on the second with your OS on the first, that way if you ever have to reinstall you just wipe the first part

So basically i am stuck until i get a huge backup drive back up my whole system and then to a fresh install of 10 and then restore from my back up? I have 5tbs of data. Its not a small thing to get all it back or even back it up.

You do not have 5TB of data on a single ssd

I have a 3tb and a 2 tb hard drive.


You can just wipe your SSD without touching the hard drives

Windows is on my SSD and all my games and other data is on the HDD. You can have more then one drive in your P.C.

then ya just wipe the ssd install ten the other drives will not be touched.. to make sure unplug them duing the install you will still need to reinstall apps tho

So how does one get a 10 ISO and install from it when i am relying on the free upgrade for the license?

Also like if you aren't really using something, compress it to save space

did you link it with your microsoft account? when you did the upgrade? you can use the tool here to download the image