Windows just randomly crashes without blue screen

Hello everyone,

From last 3-4 months I have been experiencing completely random computer crashes. I experienced them on fedora, ubuntu and windows.

The screen freezes and computer gets stuck in bootloop. But it doesn’t actually boot. I don’t get to boot menu. The lights on graphics card keep flashing. I haven’t experienced any crash while playing games. I have since removed all linux distributions. The crash on windows are not blue screen. When I reboot windows doesn’t do any of troubleshooting or something went wrong last time etc. The frequency of these crashes are about 1 per day.

How do I get about diagnosing the problem. I reckon this is some hardware problem.

I haven’t overclocked anything. Except using 3200mhz profile on ram. I have dialed it down to 3000mhz but the problem persists.

I also upgraded my bios during the same time. I don’t use any bios features so I’ll be happy to downgrade to default if possible.


Processor : Ryzen 1700
Ram : 2 x adata 8gb 3200mhz xpg spectrix d40
SSD : WD green 240gb m.2 ssd (windows)
SSD : WD green 240gb SATA ssd (ubuntu or fedora)
GPU : Gigabyte Aorus RX580 8GB
Motherboard : msi b450 tomahawk

Thank you

I’d start with not using the overclock on the ram at all, and then I’d recommend you look for your exact model number of ram and see if anyone else has gotten a nice overclock with their timings listed.

If you’re using an older kit from back when ryzen was fresh I can say from my experience that the XMP profiles are pretty much worthless. You’re really just going to have to dial in the timings yourself.

Also make sure FCLCK is running at 1600MHz or matching your memory clock speeds by 1/2 (double data rate and all that jazz.)


I found some stable timings on 2666mhz. There have been no crashes today. I will slowly try to increase ram frequency over upcoming weeks.

I’ll keep this thread updated.

Thanks for helping

I would look into if you were using some 3200 profile from the motherboard or if you were running the XMP/DOCP profile from the ram its-self
The XMP/DOCP profile adjusts the voltage and timings to what the ram is rated for where using the drop down list does not

I’ve actually had issues where the timings would get applied but the voltage wouldnt.

I would suggest manually entering voltage for ram of 1.35. This should be safe on basically everything on the market today regardless of speeds.

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I have finally settled at about 2933 mhz.

I can’t change the voltage of my DRAM. it is on stuck on auto.