Windows Ipad Replacement

So I am a pretty big fan of windows 8 on my phone and just about any other device that has a touchscreen.  I currently have an Ipad gen 3 and it works fine, I just would like to have all windows devices.  I don't game much on tablets I use them more for school with note taking and getting my textbooks on them.  I need a cheap tablet that has a 1080p screen that is close to the same size of my ipad's screen.  Whatever is the cheapest you can find is will probably due.  I really liked the original surface rt, but I am not a huge fan of the relative low resolution on it(1366x768 i believe).  So any suggestions are welcome!

I personally was in the same situation but in the end decided to use an ultrabook for school (hate typing on tablets). If you really want a tablet with a 1080p resolution there are only a few options:

Surface RT 2: Like the first gen, but 1080p screen + longer battery life

Surface Pro / Pro 2: Pro 2 has much longer battery life, but is considerably more expensive; WACOM touch pen input is a big plus in school, especially in chemistry and such; also its x86

The new Nokia thingy that's coming out (RT). I don't remember the name, but should be easy to find.

Or what I would take (unless I had the money for the Surface Pro 2): The Samsung Ativ Tab 3

It features a lot of things, like the kickstand of the surface, WACOM pen input, a surface esque keyboard cover, and an Atom processor which means long battery life and x86 support. The only tradeoff is the resolution of 1366x768.

I recommend trying to find these in stores and actually try them out. Pen input, the keyboard and the overall feel are immensely important factors for every-day use, especially considering you cannot change them like you can on a desktop PC.