Windows installed on both SSD and HDD

I have a problem, which I've tried to search answer for, but the answers went over my head.

It all comes down to these keywords:

Windows 7 Enterprice installation created system reserved partition on HDD and installed on SSD. Now there is a huge unallocated partition on my HDD, which I now can't use.

So here's how it happened:

I have just bought a computer with a 128gb SSD and a 500gb HDD. I chose to install Windows 7 Enterprise myself, from a USB-key. The installation was easy enough. Or so I thought. Because what I did not know, was that I needed to unplug my HDD before the installation, in order to install Windows 7 on that disk alone. I had my HDD plugged in aswell, so it installed a 100 mb "system reserved" partition on my HDD as well as most of Windows on my SSD.

This, I found, was not a big problem in itself, although I would like to move the system reserved partition to my SSD as well, and just have music, movies, pictures etc. on my HDD. A slave drive so to speak.

The ACTUAL problem is that my HDD isn't showing up as a normal drive, when I go to disc management I can see that my HDD (Disk 0) has this 100 mb system reserved partition and then a huge unallocated partition which I don't know how to access. The SSD works fine and shows as Disk 1.

I searched a bit, and found what I thought was the answer. I could turn off the power, plug out my HDD, do a new install on the SSD and then format my hdd afterwards. It didn't quite work, I could start the install, but not really finish it, and I couldn't boot windows after that, I had to plug in the HDD again and let windows install the system reserved partition there again (there is still just one partition, don't worry).

So... Here's my questions:

1. Is it possible to move the system reserved partition from my HDD to my SSD, and if so how? Please be clear in your instructions, eg.: saying "activate the drive" doesn't tell me how to activate the drive. Act as if I don't know anything. :-)

2. If this is possible, will my HDD then just show up as a normal drive? If not, how do I make it so?

3. If it isn't possible, or if I can't seem to get my head around it, how do I just activate the huge unallocated partition on my HDD?

4. Is it possible to reinstall Windows 7 Enterprise to the same computer an unlimited amount of times, with the same USB-key?

Thanks in advance!!!

HDD = Disk 0... SSD = Disk 1.... It would be most preferable if I could have Windows solely installed on the SSD.

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1- I dont know if it can be moved, but i just format my HDD (deleting everything)and use it as storage.

3- Go to start then right click on coumpter, then manage, then Disk Management, then right click on drive, then delete volume or format. I could be wrong. Some one with more knowledge should comment.

4- Yes, I screw up my computer every two months or so, so I always have to reinstall windows 7 

1 no reinstall

3 what he said disk management

4 If it's a legal copy you can call microsoft and say "hey i fucked up i need you to give me a new key"

4b if it's illegal then do what you did before.