Windows install issues

Ok so I have old labtop whit no windows and i would like to get it work for my mother.

Problem is that CD-drive dont work and i dont know how to install windows in this state whit out cd.

I have PC and i could take SSD out of the laptob but i dont know how to install windows in it with out causing damage to my allredy exsitance programs on my own computer.

Could some one give me a link to some video or help me to get this done?


If you have a windows .iso file or cd, you can create a bootable usb drive to install windows. Search for tutorials related to that.


ok found few videos of that, but one question i didint find answer.

Can i make the SSD where i am to install this windows in the bootable drive or should i use external one?

(i have 1TB external HDD but its full of stuff so I would need to move all the stuff 2 times for this process)

so I got it working

here is video i found useful

Thanks freebaser :)