Windows install boot partition error

I’m trying to repair a friend’s computer. This computer has been running extremely slow. So, I formatted everything and tried installing windows. Only problem, right after the install I immediately get “windows detected that the EFI system partition was formatted as NTFS. Format the EFI system partition as FAT32, and restart the installation.” if I make or let windows make the efi partition I get that error every time.

If I look at the partition layout after Windows finishes, this is what I get:

It is an HP laptop with secure boot disabled, as I need to chain load through grub to install Windows with my drive.

I’ve never had an issue with other hardware configs. Any idea how I could install windows?

Maybe this will help.


  • delete all the partitions
  • convert from GPT to MBR

I did all of that and still have the same issue.