Windows Index Score

After i put together my pc, i ran the index rating test within windows and it came back with a score of 7.5 out of 7.9. My lowest score was my CPU, at 7.5, i never seen a situation where its the cpu that is rated the lowest. I am running a 3570k (non OC), 16 GB of GSkill ram at 1333 mhz ,a GTX 660Ti (SC version), and a Samsung a 840 series SSD. I ran the CPU-Z at the same time and the clock speed showed 3.4ghz so it is not that it was being underclocked. Any ideas?

my 3570k gets 7.6 :P i have 1600mhz ram with a cas latency of 8. I am guessing its the slow ram that is costing you 0.1 of a pretend point.

Artificial benchmarks are usless for anything other than stroking your epeen. Windows index is especialy pointless as the same system will score less on vista or more on win 8. Might as well tell your friends your computer scores 3924782349807 mega awesome points.

Don't pay attention to it, try some different benchmark software

i rarely do but i just found it interesting and though i might ask you guys to see if it is something normal.

if you're curious run a live disk of linux and try the benchmarks on there, the differing results may interest you.

again just a suggestion lol

Well I have an i7 2600K overclocked to 4.6Ghz and I get a rating of 7.8.

If you want it to go higher, then you're probably going to have to overclock, and you're not going to max it out unless you get a really high performance i7 and then overclock that too.

My lowest score is 5.9 because of my HDD, dont see the point of SSDs and they make little to no difference in games

CPU is a FX-6300 overclocked to 4.5ghz with 2600Mhz HT speed

8GB DDR3 1600

7870 XFX double D

Biostar TA990FXE

SSDs just make your overall system faster. You don't have to wait for programs to load. You click them and they're up instantly, and load times do decrease pretty significantly in most games. I barely see the loading screen for Mirror's Edge.

SSDs make more your computer more... enjoyable. Not neccessarly better, but enjoyable.

I did get a 7.9 across the board on the index score with a 3930k at 4.7ghz, still pretty dumb though.

i dont really care much about load time and would rather have the size of a HDD

I prefer to have both.

Yeah, I've got a 7.8 for my CPU, RAM, and storage, and a 7.9 for my graphics.

I got a 6.4 on my cpu.....

and every thing else is in the mid 7s even my 1.5GB of ram lol