Windows host, Linux Guest, 3440x1440 100hz


I’m gamer who is spoiled with 3440x1440 100hz monitor so going back to 60hz is not going to be possible! My problem is that I would like to do some programming on Linux-system but I’m finding that my dual boot system is too slow to get to the Linux system for a quick coding session. This is why I looked into Hyper-V build into Windows 10, but was disappointed that that I did not get the full 100hz experience.

I’m aware that Linux host could solve this problem, but I’m gamer first and a programmer second. I also have VR-headset etc. gear that I think that really could cause a headache if I would use Linux as a host.

It is really rough to try to google this stuff because this seems to be quite unique setup.

I’m willing to spend a few bucks and many hours to get my dream setup working! :slight_smile:

My current setup:

7700k, GTX1080, 16GB, NVME, Asus STRIX Z270F
Monitor : HKC NB34C

It is not possible to change the refresh rate of a hyper-v terminal. So what you’re trying to do is not possible with Windows as a host OS.

I was just googling about DDA? Could this be the answer if I buy 2nd GPU?

You are better off trying to use something like Moba xterm that runs an xserver on Windows to use your Linux VM.

Thanks! I’m going to look into that. I was hoping there was better solution but maybe not… I’m not fixated on Hyper-V, but that would be the preferred software solution.