Windows help on gaming PC

Will graphics cards, periferals, and other parts that were compatable with windows 7 will be compatible with the new windows 8 i have already a logitech MW3 keyboard wich is compatable with Windows 7 i also have a e-blu cobra jr. gaming mouse witch is compatable with windows 7 will these work with the new windows 8 i heard its good for gaming but there are not many parts for windows 8 out yet like graphics cards if there are they will probably be more expencive i am on a budget i also whant to know if the windows 8 OME comes in a CD sorry for being a noob please help. Will a sapphire radeon 7850 be a problem with windows 8 


If they come from a half decent company then yes, you just need to download the drivers from the website.  of course there is always the problem with older hardware not getting a driver and software update, mice and keyboards should not be a problem but older graphics card may be a problem.

like a sappire radion 7850 graphics card


yes, AMD has drivers for windows 8 64 and 32 bit for their 7000 series cards