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Windows hate thread


Windows is now evil it now has a linux kernel so it can perform and its still an old kernel !



I just write the username for each one :joy:



I don’t know, man…

I just don’t like it… I’m forced to use it at work (not tech related) but don’t like it.

I understand is a consumer grade easy-to-use and sort of dumbproof… but it isn’t for me.

Yesterday I had to leave the room and when I came back there was this message saying something like “boy do I have news for you! guess what? WE BOUT TO RESTART1!!1! take these updates” and it didn’t feel quite right…

I’d rather have some FOSS stuff here alongside with a better OS (Pop 19.04 maybe) but we’re a big company and I’m just a tiny ant to change anything.

I had the opportunity to buy a low-to-mid laptop for a good price but didn’t cause of winderp 10 (and poor linux support), I chose instead a chromebook because of the linux apps beta testing on the works.

Wish I could buy S76 products but here in my lands taxes are so overpowered… just not worth it…

Will try to save money to get a dell with ubuntu, but that will take some two years or more.

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And again, yesterday, out of the blue, several Games and Applications plain refused to launch at all. Some troubleshooting and trying later it turns out that Updates where installed but not rebooted. This shouldn’t impact my applications. If it does, install those Updates at reboot only. Not just on the fly.

I also hate how Windows 10 now basically locks many games to 60FPS with their “Fullscreen Optimization” stuff. I have to manually turn that off on nearly any Game.

Add to that the random 80% CPU Utilization of Windows Defender, while i’m actually using my PC. Random FPS Drops by over 50% aren’t uncommon.

The Insider Preview is even worse in that regard. I just feel like every Update makes it harder to just Game on Windows 10. But there is just no option to get a “pure” version of Windows 10 for those that don’t need all the OneDrive Integration, and preinstalled Apps and such. LTSC would be great, if it was available to consumers.



I cant even get to 1809, thanks windows



My suggestion to you would be to pick up a second-hand Lenovo Thinkpad T-series laptop for cheap. Look at the T400’s, there’s a wide range of hardware available in them and they have awesome Linux support.

No need to buy new and no need to buy one with Linux pre-installed. :wink:



There can be great deals indeed. But you have to watch out. There is a guy local that is trying to sell A T42 (NOT 420) for 110 Bucks. I mean, Windows XP License is included :wink: And TWO creative speakers…

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This is the Windows thread guys let’s keep it Windows specific. This is a place for people to vent not to be converted !

Last night left my computer to do a job which includes auto upload to a server after it’s ready. Woke up to a restarted computer with the upload canceled. Didn’t take long to realize Windows Updated during the upload to the server.

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I had a power outage during a shutdown of my Linux box that dual boots windows. I tried to start my Linux box back up but it complained about corruption. After booting into single-user mode and running an fsck everything worked perfectly again… Except windows… The whole install was borked and shitting itself. chkdsk just hung for hours. Ended up just nuking Windows. I might reinstall later… But I’m feeling adventurous. Perhaps zen kernel and full virtualization of all the things in the near future.



Upgrade to Windows 10 nagware was frustrating, but I could work around it. Windows 10 updater and telemetry made a Linux convert out of me. It’s pretty clear to me microsoft doesn’t want you in control of your machine any more.



The day you had control over Windows:
Circa Never


Cool you made it to the *nix side, though! If you have any frustrations you want to vent there is a Linux hate thread.

My contrib: I hate that Windows makes it borderline impossible to roll back from a fucked update these days.



When you see the color Blue on windows you either shit your pants or get a fresh pair of pants… you just never know if it’s an update or a crash and that’s part of the fun.

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  • Updates of course
  • Most of the OS internals are not documented - once you learn your way around Linux, you can actually fix most issues without googling just by reading the logs. In Windows you have no logs, no idea what an update just did and usually some strange and meaningless error code (Usually stands for million of things so it’s meaningless even to Microsoft)
  • Candy Crush and other crapware
  • The Metro/Classic UI split in settings is always really annoying.
  • If you’re migrating to a new PC (upgrading or hardware issue), you can just copy your Linux data and it would boot. Windows works sometimes (it doesn’t boot if the platform is very different, if you moved from BIOS to UEFI booting and so on). Even on a new Linux install, you can copy your Apache configs and there you go. If you missed something, you usually know where the config files are, so you can easily see what you’ve missed. Migrating Windows configs to a new install is not really possible. You can also put your configs files in a git repo (including networking, DNS server config and so on)


Y u no bash


Y u no other de’s anymore? Because you guys sued everyone a few years ago?

Cool, so thats why windows doesn’t have kde anymore.



We should chip in on a pot for people like this in the community.



Another thing that I hate is how terribly unreliable network share mounts are. I have been reduced to having batch scripts to umount and remount all of my shares because they keep breaking.



The most irritating thing about Windows is the fact that it is just a giant security hole, and people excuse it because, y’know, it’s Windows. It’s okay if they send your password hash out to the filthy unwashed internet in unsalted MD4, we need Windows because Adobe. It’s okay that Windows still uses unsalted MD4 for fscking anything today, in the year of our lord 2019. :roll_eyes:



I dont hate windows as an os!

what i hate about it is the fact it has become a platform for advertisements to be shoved in your face.
disabling them often leads to many sites being denied access to.
sure with win 10 there are ways to disable pop-up ads but there are quite a few!
quite often the updates process defaults the settings back and hijacks the control of the computer (try needing to print an important document at short notice and having to wait 10 minutes for the F##k-update to complete and restart the computer)

that and the stinking malware downloaded every time a client wants to play the latest idiot game off of questionable sites

add in forced obsolescence of hardware required to run the latest software and you can see my irritation with it. ( training site our plant used required IE only no other browser would work! also required a windows machine) IE version required win 10 so had to buy a newer pc just to access that site. (kind of rough when you are being socked with high medical bills and only receiving sick pay (less than 1/3 your normal wage))



Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.

… by background applications.


This is enough to make me love macOS or Linux or any other alternative created in the past 20 years.