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Windows hate thread


Y u no bash


Y u no other de’s anymore? Because you guys sued everyone a few years ago?

Cool, so thats why windows doesn’t have kde anymore.



We should chip in on a pot for people like this in the community.



Another thing that I hate is how terribly unreliable network share mounts are. I have been reduced to having batch scripts to umount and remount all of my shares because they keep breaking.

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The most irritating thing about Windows is the fact that it is just a giant security hole, and people excuse it because, y’know, it’s Windows. It’s okay if they send your password hash out to the filthy unwashed internet in unsalted MD4, we need Windows because Adobe. It’s okay that Windows still uses unsalted MD4 for fscking anything today, in the year of our lord 2019. :roll_eyes:



I dont hate windows as an os!

what i hate about it is the fact it has become a platform for advertisements to be shoved in your face.
disabling them often leads to many sites being denied access to.
sure with win 10 there are ways to disable pop-up ads but there are quite a few!
quite often the updates process defaults the settings back and hijacks the control of the computer (try needing to print an important document at short notice and having to wait 10 minutes for the F##k-update to complete and restart the computer)

that and the stinking malware downloaded every time a client wants to play the latest idiot game off of questionable sites

add in forced obsolescence of hardware required to run the latest software and you can see my irritation with it. ( training site our plant used required IE only no other browser would work! also required a windows machine) IE version required win 10 so had to buy a newer pc just to access that site. (kind of rough when you are being socked with high medical bills and only receiving sick pay (less than 1/3 your normal wage))

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Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.
Focus stealing.

… by background applications.


This is enough to make me love macOS or Linux or any other alternative created in the past 20 years.




Where the fuck do you get the US layout from?
In the setting i only have US international.
Windows also frequently just forgets that alt-gr exists and treats right alt as alt instead of alt-gr.
and to get an US international layout without deadkeys you have to download an external application to make it yourself, then create dlls for it to take effect

[Edit 1]

While on keyboards:
Who thought it was a good idea to have overlapping keyboard shortcuts, “left control + left shift + arrows” selects whole words but “left control + left shift” also toggles keyboard layout.
Meaning that my layout will randomly change while typing/editing documents



I love my windows so much that I hate that I can’t love anything else because of it.



I dont like the way it auto updates without informing user.



WHY DOES YOUR SERVER OS NOT COME WITH A USABLE TERMINAL INTERFACE ON STOCK?! Why is powershell core not the standard on stock installs at this point? Why does no one update their images to use powershell core instead?! Why always com 0 too? Like, come on!

How is RDP still this prevalent in 2019 as a server management console?!

Why is the registry so trash to use.

Then we get to normal as windows. Which I might as well just lease the biggest baddest rig from M$ themselves for if I actually want to own and use my computer the way I want without replacing the start menu, making configuration changes and setting different defaults, and all this nonsense. Then just to have it all fucked over from an update.

And all of the biggest advancements are just incorporating foss based projects and making them run on windows.

F that S mang.

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Why did I need to spend a week and a half creating a custom windows image to disable all the telemetry, remove the preinstalled crapps, disable the windows store, disable the windows update remediation bullshit, and all the other tweaks just to make it usable for day to day use.



You don’t need to really. There are alternatives now, this is one reason i’m pushing hard for 365 and cloud apps. They work in non-windows browsers…

Yes, microsoft cloud, rabble rabble, but at least we won’t have to deal with Windows endpoint problems any more.

Fedora 30 install: ~30 minutes

Have fun re-doing all the image modification work you’ve just wasted a week on in another 6-12 months! :slight_smile:



I hate that windows tells me it has to download drivers for a USB device when I move it from one USB plug to another.

I hate everything about windows. I hate anything related to Microsoft period. If I could figure out how to play all of my games on another OS and get my photo editor to work on that same OS I would drop everything related to microsoft forever.



I hate that I have to download Network drivers onto a USB in order to install them on the new Windows build so that I can download all of the broken drivers for all of my equipment.



ALL of your games will never happen realistically, however you can get a good subset on either mac or linux these days. I think out of my steam library about 40 percent are available in some form on linux with support, others Proton is starting to cover reasonably well.

Photo editing you can run Affinity Photo on the mac which is great, or Gimp under linux which is… good if you like it i guess.

Options are there and i highly recommend you try some of them.

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I want to add,
We have been using Windows since ages, and its now our in and out for all our operations.
All other OS and tools are later arrived. So one like for Windows.

One heart, if you have read my comment.:heart:

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The actual installation is fast, but the post-configs & tweaks may take a while to get right in order to have a clean environment.

Edit: clean-ish…



I saw a workplace today thats was running Windows 10 LTSB. Was very interesting because I am use to seeing Windows UI hints a lot older.



We pushed LTSB initially because we weren’t prepared to have annual upgrades. That, and there’s so much shit we do not want in non-LTSB…

It was a trap. LTSB updates to not get hardware support updates and do not include a few things we need for 365. Also various software application vendors in business world are not supporting LTSB releases for very long anyway, so you’re kinda fucked into using CBB or whatever eventually anyway.




Every time W10 does a major update or even just updates.