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Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]



Download and install it with steam


New Proton Beta is getting pushed. Has the Stream Output winevulkan patches already.

Now if only Proton has foss_corefonts installed by default.

Edit: Initial testing with Nvidia 396.54.09 with Lutris’ Esync Wine with additional patches is extremely promising. All Unity games work properly now graphics-wise.


I got Strange Brigade and Star Control: Origins free with my GPU… anyone know if they are working in steam?


Strange Brigade has Vulkan, so it will depend on whether Wine likes it. Similar to the bleeding edge issues with DOOM (2016)

If it has Denuvo, then there’s going to be problems.


Thanks for response…
I looked thru the link in the OP and all the games that were included with my GPU are for windows… go figure


It’s so bad with unsupported games, I am uninstalling every game and completely removing Steam from my Linux box.

I cannot believe even Valve is trying to meme people into writing workarounds for them to sell more games. This is just awful. I am so disappointed.

I guess I’ll wait for more stuff to become native and available on GOG.


I tried to get battlefield bad company 2 going under steam with the setting below… but after it says running… nothing opens.



Can you try running it from the terminal?




Proton is just a game launcher right?

So if you were to open up a terminal and then run proton from the terminal you should be able to see error messages being displayed in the terminal.

Or maybe there is a log file for proton somewhere. Idk.

But for running it from the terminal, can’t you just enter the name in the terminal? I don’t know what it’s called. If it’s just called proton. Or proton-client.

Let me see if their are instructions for running proton from the terminal online.

Edit: looks like you’ll have to enter the full path.


thanks to you and your link… I got this far…


Looks like lots of boo boos.

I’d need to google some more. :slight_smile:


I appreciate any help you can offer. Im at noob at gaming/steam/wine/proton … makes for a pretty bad combo ATM

Although I can continue to play dota 2 and lose in the tutorial… lol


It doesnt play well/right… lots of things wrong
but I installed vulkan stuff and wine… and it finally started…
I thought steam was going to instal everything it needed for games to work…but I guess not.



That game may be running into 32bit address space limitations, as per this issue, which is unsolved:


I guess I’ll be trying star control next and then possibly looking glass… im going to be in a world of hurt trying to get this stuff working lol


can we have a seperate forum subsection for individual game titles? wanna do a stand alone thread for a few games I wanna work on.


I’ll be reinstalling fedora later… I just found instructions for fedora 28 and steam


I’ll bring it up with the rest of Leadership.


We avoid adding more categories and suggest using tags normally