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Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]



Maybe, but sometimes me trying to absorb everything or even most of what Wendell the Wise says makes my head spin. His knowledge from hands on experience of these things is to Mark Marques ( a moto gp champion famous for how low he gets on his super sport motorcycle making insanely fast sharp turns while not lowsiding) as I am to learning how far I can lean on my honda rebel 300 practicing in a big parking lot going 15 to 20 mph at most from Fast Eddie aka Motojitsu from youtube.

I have to do things in baby steps sometimes. xD

I did, so far, confirm that Linux mint in an of itself is not the reason I couldn’t successfully launch and play Doom 2016 in steam before. Cinnamon desktop so far seems to be the problem …which sucks because I love that desktop. linux mint 19 mate is working just the same as ubuntu 18.04 mate.

The steam overlay of fps counter is glitchy though.


So far I’ve confirmed the Cinnamon Desktop is the culprit and why I can’t run Doom 2016 in steam play regardless of combination of settings. Mate in Linux mint 19 and Ubuntu 18.04 so far = success except this weird glitch of the Steam overlay fps counter not wanting to stay up .

Once I notice it’s gone and try the hotkey to bring it back…it focuses “control” attention to the desktop although visually it would seem the focus is still in the game be it full screen or windowed mode.

Now, if i could just get Crysis games and a hand full of others working…I could finally leave Winblows forever \m/


You can always use the typical resource to see if your games work on proton:

Any non-whitelisted games are not guaranteed to work and very often it depends on the system configuration but you can at least see which ones are worth a try.

Also on Mint if you are not already using the pandoka PPA for the MESA drivers ( you might want to try it if you really like Cinnamon (make a recovery snapshot though - always important when trying things out). It will probably fix the issue.


of course I havn’t had your issues and the difficulties you are experiencing might be related to some incompatibility with cinnamon, but in my experience its rather some missing or faulty packages requiring an exact update rather than changing the whole new OS installation. But I like your approach installing a different distribution and trying again, getting everything running and looking for the error later.

Maybe if you feel in a mood of exploration, it would advantageous if you could try and use the cinnamon desktop on Ubuntu and check if you get the same issues like when using Mint. whatever your result is, look at what turin suggested. Its looks promising and would actually make a sense. Keep in mind that Ubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19 are using different versions of cinnamon.


Cinnamon desktop, so far, seems to be the only critical culprit of why I couldn’t run doom 2016 in Mint 19 cinnamon. Mint 19 mate and ubuntu 18.04 mate both run the game flawlessly ( with the only exception of a glitchy steam overlay fps counter not wanting to stay on).

I’ll try xfce mint 19 later. Thanks for you and everyone else’s time. Cheers.


As i said there has been a long standing bug with cinnamon that should be fixed in the next release of mint. I have experienced the same thing for probably around 2 years.


Dee aaamn. 2 years of a weird bug or two. One would think the Mint team would have fixed it by now. I don’t get why Cinnamon would have caused the stupid auto-crashes with " fatal error attribarbs" or whatever it was and while desktop gui never does. Weird things are the world of Linux. ( shrugs shoulders)


I didn’t think Cinnamon desktop was available for Ubuntu. But, the world wide web and internet ( software and hardware) makes a lot of things possible.

I’ll try that tomorrow and report back.


FFXIV works great if you do the required winetricks, I think it’s xact and something with sdlaudio. Theres a rundown on

I need to reinstall it myself on the linux side. I’ve been playing through vfio/looking glass.


I just confirmed doom 2016 works in Steam play using latest beta with +r_renderapi 1 launch option with latest mesa vulkan driver for amd ( rx 580 here), in Ubuntu 18.04 WITH using the cinnamon desktop following the instructions to install that desktop here…

So apparently I was wrong to an extent earlier about thinking it was only the cinnamon desktop that was why I couldn’t run doom. It’s , so far, only the combination of linux mint 18.3 or 19 cinnamon version.
Mate works on both mint and ubuntu. Will try xfce with both ubuntu 18.04 and Mint 19 later and report back.

Cheers. Thanks for your time everyone.


I’m seeing the same issue, only recently, on linux mint cinnamon 18.3. Nvidia 396 drivers. I don’t see any mint specific updates within the last week. I tested out the proton beta, and the result was the same. Going to try a clean install. I keep seeing DOOM attempting to update a 0 byte file at every launch. Maybe something has been altered on their end.


I just had a steam beta update that addressed a Doom issue. I didn’t read the details as it’s not a game I play. Fingers crossed it helps you.


Disgaea 1 Works, however on subsequent boots i have to rename game.cfg to game.cfg-bak (deleting seems to make it not boot for some reason) I also had to install steam-devices to get ps4 controller to work as well. Ive got quite a few JRPGs so Ill start playing with those (gotta hop on my desktop when i get home.


One thing DXVK requires is the compositor to be 100% off when your GPU is the bottleneck in being unable to render frames at your monitor’s refresh rate, but that’s not possible on Cinnamon unless you full screen the application.

KDE seems to be the solution to that cause you have a explicit shortcut to turn compositing on and off at will.


Shadow Warrior 2 works pretty well both on lutris and on proton currently for the ppl that managed to pick up a free copy from the GOG anniversary.


Just an FYI this will be fixed in the not too distant future. As they are adding a global vsync off feature.


Warframe: The last update through steam broke the patches for those playing.

  1. Run your original launcher with wine
  2. Wait for it to finish updating
  3. Rename launcher to “launcher_backup.exe”
  4. Copy patch’s launcher back into the tools folder.
  5. Delete “local_index.txt”
  6. Run the game once with the --firstrun argument
  7. Success!

If you need the link for the patch for Proton to make Warframe work:


Hey is there anyway to get a compiled proton onto another computer? Wanna run my super legal copy of the binding of isaac on my laptop but to compile proton would take to long with how slow it is, any suggestions?


Do you need proton specifically for some reason, or would Wine work? Binding of Issac has a platinum rating in WineDB. You should be able to install a binary wine package from your distro’s repository.


I decided to give Thief Gold a play through again after many years.

This is Thief Gold patched with the TFix patch, which fixes many bugs that are present in the Steam and GOG releases and adds some widescreen options. The game works great patched in Proton.