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Windows Games on Steam for Linux. [Proton client Testing grounds]



Just got Fallout 4 working with Steam Play in Proton 3.7-beta. Unlike previous attempts, audio is fine. Mouse control was crazy, so had to add bBackgroundMouse=1 to Fallout4_Default.ini (under [Controls]) in the main game directory. Other than that game seems fine for several minutes of gameplay. One notable missing feature is a lack of mod support. Mods loaded in the Data directory were ignored, and the Mods option in the in-game menu was disabled, so even mods are unavailable. I have not tried a 3rd party mod manager in Proton yet.


Did you manage to install the game?

As an update ppl are trying to fix the DE bug with divinity original Sin 2 in Wine. There are patches like these submitted:

And i see similar fixes in the release notes of 3.16 staging : ntdll: Relax checks for valid affinity mask in NtSetInformationThread().

I will try today and see if this is fixed


Ok tried the GOG version it in Lutris with 3.16 and works like a charm. I expect that it should also work for proton if the version is based on 3.16 as long as you do the naming workarounds.


I can confirm that the Steam for Windows version of Divinity Original Sin 2 works in wine-staging 3.16. Steam Play/Proton has apparently not incorporated the patch yet, as launching from Steam for Linux gets the same hung black screen.


Looks like a open version of corefonts is now available:

It’s called foss_corefonts:


Hopefully i’m not speaking off topic or much off topic here. Can anyone tell me how to install and run Steam-runtime instead of the native linux steam client? I can’t seem to get a straight answer just googling it. Thank you.


If you want to use the new steam play on linux you install the normal client of steam.

Then follow the instructions in the top of the thread.

Its all options in the steam client.


Trying to get Warframe working but it’s not launching and not sure how to debug. Gonna try Lutris version.


For my source I use.


From what i hear ppl are using this to launch through proton:

Although the lutris side should worth a try as well.


So I downloaded the script and with my inexperienced ways i think I did everything required. It is busy running stuff so lets hope!


Which distro are we talking about? Most packages include both versions and it is a matter of what execute command you use. the default is also runtime usually.


How am I supposed to run this? I exracted the zip to the tools folder and run the game from Steam. It shows running for a while and then closes.

Running the launcher also doesn’t work… Sorry - really don’t have allot of experience with wine/dxvk

#edit: Seems like I was too impatient - after a while a popup came up running a preprocess that seems like it is going to take a very, very long time


I am just a guy on the internet.

Install linux, Install steam, Click a few options inside steam to be on the beta and bam.

The instructions are way more useful than my sentence. But you get what you pay for.


Well all I needed was patience. I’m in game so seems like the installer worked.

BTW: Your answer was golden!

#edit: Now to get the sound working…
All working now!


I looked but didn’t see any options within the native linux steam client that said anything about " use steam runtime in stead" or " enable steam-runtime".


Linux Mint 19 cinnamon 64 bit…and I didn’t see any settings options within the native linux steam client that talk about " steam-runtime" in any way of enabling that. to Answer the other guy’s response too.


Valve just updated the Proton beta today:

3.7-7 Updated DXVK from 0.70 to v0.80. Valve also added some fullscreen and .net fixes as well.


Steam runtime isn’t an option in Steam. Its a launch argument.


Will launch Steam with Steam runtime enabled


Will launch Steam with Steam runtime disabled.


What @Diffident said