Windows File Explorer Alternative?

Some of the changes to file explorer in windows 11 looked promising to me, but I am not ready to upgrade yet due to software compatibility.

It got me looking into File Explorer alternatives.

Curious if anyone here has any recommendations. “Files” seems to be the popular one at the moment but I figured this would be a good opportunity to quit being a lurker of my favorite community and reach out.

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i don’t ever fully replace the built in windows explorer, however i do use things as file explorers a lot more than they were probably intended to be. IE:

while it can extract about anything, it has a fairly minimalist but capable explorer built in.

yeah, on more than 1 occasion i have had reason to use this locally.

Midnight Commander:
yes, there is a windows port that runs on windows 10.

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Welcome to the forum!

This was the old go-to alternative. Not sure what is these days. Cursory search suggests Total Commander?

If you are sick of Windows, come to the dark side of Linux. We dont have Candy Crush.


There’s a program I’ve seen some use called Clover that add tabs for Windows, but unsure how secure it is

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I’ve tried it, and am not a great experience. I’d suggest tablacus explorer if you want tabs.

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Can’t really think of anything; Finder on MacOS has a few, but Explorer is pretty much the gold standard for a decent default experience

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