Windows Event ID 10016 Launch permissions and crashes

Having the occasional system crash during some games (not ALL the time). upon restart, looking at the event viewer finds

Can this be the cause of the crashes?

Sys specs
FX8320 @ 4.3
R9 380 Nitro OC
Asus M5A99X EVO R.2
12 Gb 1600Mhz RAM

The specific OS and whether you have UAC in "On", "Off but still on" or "really off" mode might be useful information here.


Depending upon how exactly you install "legacy" apps that might need administrative permissions to run, they might be installed to your local user account instead of program files.

Or if installed to program files (installed as admin) and not launched as administrative then those programs that need to write say...backup save game data to a temporary directory may not be able to write it to their install directory due to lack of permissions. Some games will fail gracefully, others may not react well to this this failure case and crash.

1) Try launching your game as admin or 2) try disabling UAC (to "really off" mode for 8-10) to diagnose.