Windows Error Reporting

Dear Tek Syndicate,

What if every Windows Error report ever was sent to Microsoft? Would Windows 7/8/10 be the best operating system ever?

If every issue/crash etc, was reported to Microsoft via the 'Send Error Report' dialogue, and it was addressed by technicians and there was a patch released, would that mean that eventually there would be a flawless OS that had no bluescreens, no crashes or errors?



those are just statistics, there is no perfect in this world.
each hardware is different in some ways, so its impossible to deliver same thing to everyone. Most of BSODs are due to hardware problems not system anyway.

If you want closed system buy apple, and enjoy being dumb.

and everyone should know not to send out any error reports... especially ms, known for breaches of privacy.

It was kind of a hypothetical.

But could you imagine that if every error in the history of Windows was reported, you would think eventually that Microsoft could address most of the issues and implement an almost flawless, lightweight and fast OS?

What statistics?

no I think, facebook and other social services would not be required. CIA/NSA/FBI would be happy with microsoft.

statistics about errors, if there is a large amounts of bsod errors reported back then they will look at it. If there isn't no point unless you are company and you pay for support.

I think your missing the point, but thanks for the responses anyway.

Oh, I get what you mean now.