Windows Error Recovery menu doesn't work, need urgent help

A couple of days ago my gaming PC was running perfectly fine, not overheating, not being overly loud, absolutely fine. I turned it on two days ago and I found myself with this:

If "Launch startup repair" is selected, I just get a black screen. If "Start windows normally" is selected my PC tries to run, gives up, flashes a blue screen with white text (most likely blue screen of death), then restarts.

I have attempted to reinstall windows by inserting the disk, setting the priority and installing but Windows just spends an infinate amount of time "Starting the setup".


PC specs:

CPU - i5 3470

Motherboard - Asus P8H61-MX 


GPU - NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650

PSU - 450W Corsair VS

OS - Windows 7  Home Premium 64-bit


Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. 

I...would drop another HDD in there if you have one and see if it boots.  Does your RAM check out in the bios?  I don't know dude.  That's all I can think of.

what kind of ram config do you have  single 4GB or 2x2 ?

maybe try to pull out the ram, an put them back in again.

try to boot it the bsod still comes what does the bsod says?

i think you need to reinstall windows, if that wont go... then i have a bad feeling its something with youre harddrive then...

you can allways try to connect it to a diffrent sata port,

bsods wenn booting windows mosly appear wenn  a hardware or a driver is chanced, or some update  wenn wrong is the bios post  normaly? detecting youre hardrive normaly? or cause this more time then normal?

in that case it can be a problem with youre harddisk, maybe if you got a second harddrive, set that one in, en try to install windows on that one, if that works correctly, then there is probably something wrong with youre harddisk


reset cmos. sounds like a hardware change to me, possibly a bad hard disk. some guy here had a similar problem with his macbook