Windows Doesn't Fill Monitor

Installed windows (8.1) on my pc, but it doesn't fill my screen. My monitor is the asus VX228, it's a 1080p monitor. I've already set the display to 1080p in PC and Devices. Any ideas?

Installed GPU drivers?

Yep running the latest version.

In another forum I found someone had the same issue, though you did not specify what cable you are using, with this monitor through HDMI and solved it by scaling the image to 100%. Maybe check the scale in Display in the Control Panel to see if it says 100%.

To to your graphic driver settings and then look for desktop monitor settings you can then expand it to the max most likely its at 75% or so. [ should be called monitor scaling or something like that]

I went to the display in control panel to the part about scaling. It doesn't show a percentage, but instead has a three options: Smaller, Larger, and inbetween those two. I am currently using smaller.

FIXED: Changed the overscaling in the amd ccc to 0%. YAY!!!!!

Yep, had to do something similar to this for my gpu as well.