Windows discount

Hello friends, 

Did some upgrades to my PC, purchasing a gigabyte R9 280x, and while it runs, I cannot get the latest drivers because I'm stuck on Vista. It literally supports XP but not Vista. Anyway, any students or anyone else that has an in for windows 8.1 pro at a discount?

Thanks for reading.

Well, I'd say just pirate 7.

I get my windows from dreamspark for free as a student, not that it really matters.

Shhhh! *runs in circles hands in the air*

if you have a mate who works in a computer shop you might be able to give him your vista key and a few quid and change it for a windows 7 refurb key. I get my keys through work this way, legal and costs me like 6 quid a pop, but you have to be a licensed refurb dude and buy them in bulk.

also, just go for 7. Less headache.

I saw dream spark. My wife is a teacher and was recently a student. Does she qualify? Is that a legit site?

Yeah, it's a legitimate site.  My college signed me up.  I got Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit from this particular site.  I also have access to Windows 8 and 8.1.  Pretty awesome stuff.

As to whether or not she qualifies, I think it depends on the school and her major.

Thanks for the info. I'll have her ask around.

there was a guy on reddit selling like windows keys for 30$ a pop I can't seem to find it anymore probably a student