Windows disabling phone as WiFi adapter!

Because of an awkward situation in my house right now, I have to get
internet to my desktop through one of two means: POE (which is getting
me a bandwidth of 1 down and .1 up..) or wireless adapter. I've bought
an awful wireless adapter, but it's awful. Right now I'm using my phone.
I set my OPO to tether WiFi over USB and it works fine and dandy,
except for the fact that an arbitrary time in (although usually 40
minutes to an hour into usage) it disables my phone as an adapter.

On attempting to access network adapter settings, if my phone's
connected, explorer will hang. If I can get into adapter settings, and
enable my phone (which we will refer to as adapter 2 from now on) it
spits out 'enabling...' 'adapter 2 enabled.' - yet adapter two is still
disabled and non functioning. I really don't know what this is. Often,
when the adapter settings screen is accessed (or the Network and Sharing
Center screen hung) the rest of explorer will hang.

Life with out internet really does suck,

Help me Tek Syndicate,
You're my only hope.

Has this always had this problem? is the OPO getting really hot?

Woah 0.o wasn't expecting to get a response from you!

It's only been a solution recently, due to a move. Since I've moved and have been unable to get proper ethernet, yes.

The OPO isn't getting noticably hot, it does have a case on however.

I would try a different Wifi adaptor TBH.