Windows Defender and WIndows Updates

Why in the bloody blue blazes of hell does the Antimalware/Defender run while MS is updating it’s own software?! That is the most bass-ackwards BS. It literally slows the update process to a crawl while their own scanner scans THEIR OWN UPDATE!

I’m fixing to recommend we use a debloater or other application on every PC in the org to kill all the nonsense that MS runs in the background and stop this crap.



(or iPad, chromebook, android, Linux, etc.)

I’m being a dick, but yeah… why anyone runs Windows by choice at this point when cloud services can handle most of the stuff and either Mac or Linux has usable enough versions of most apps either natively or via Wine is beyond me.

Windows should be relegated to niche use, not the primary business platform in 2021.

Thats amazing! I’m not even angry! I mean I think the MS Defender team is more trustworthy than the updates team because at least they are competent at their jobs and understand enough that the updates team aren’t to be trusted because they release broken updates and patches just enough to fix the POC security problems but not the real underlying problem…

Yeh I get it, but when your business DEPENDS on applications to get customer transactions processed correctly and that developer does it for Windows and requires it, not much we can do but run a Windows desktop. It’s just so ingrained in the mainstream business narrative that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

I’m not angry, I’m just really frustrated at the slowdowns it causes. Defender will not run during normal work until I start Windows Update, then as soon as the update begins installing Defender kicks in and takes 80% of the CPU. It horrible especially on these older PC’s we got with 4core/4T 4/8GB RAM Dell AIO’s we got littered around. Dell’s lead time on new PC’s is months, so we can’t even order new PC’s to replace them with.