Windows crashes/Game crashes while playing games

I've been having some weird crashes happening while playing games. Whenever I play video games, I get really occasional crashes or my computer blue screens for a split second and reboots immediately. It seems to only do this with demanding games. I've checked my temps but nothing overheats. I tested by hardware and nothing is wrong with any of my parts. I ran scannow in cmd and nothing was corrupted with Windows 10.

Is there anything else I can do to find a fix for this annoyance? Is there some way to pinpoint if a certain driver is causing this to happen?

try turning off the game bar that the 1703 build introduced.
Go to Settings, then Gaming, and turn off the three options at the top.

Oh shit, I had game mode enabled! I never even wanted it enabled!

I'll see if this fixes my issue. I hate it when MS forces stuff on me like that.