Windows Computer Cant Connect to Network

I am trying to connect a windows computer to a wireless access point. The computer uses 802.11b. It can connect to my phones wireless hotspot but not the other access points.

b really ? Kind of need to match up your adapter to your router for best performance. Not being network person, I sure there is something i do not understand in this. Let see ? A B G and N then AC

we are using Rukus wireless access points. They are using 5ghz and 2.4ghz.

5 ghz b ? That is news to me. Working additively with the new technologies introduced in 802.11ac Wave 2, BeamFlex+ technology Are you sure you are on the same page? Website is nice. Tell me you are not trying to hook up windows 98 to a modern ac wifi ?

no it can use both, the laptop is just using 2.4.

More info / your adapter is what? and what exactly are you trying to connect to ? If it does not show up in your connection options is it hidden in some way.

It appears and when I connect to it the signal disappears.

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Think i have a problem with that ?

Every thing i have read is about ac instead of some ancient wifi standard. I doubt i can be much help to you if you do not match up your adapter to the access point. I have no idea whether or not wireless ac back words compatible with very old standards ?

Lemme guess it's one of the onboard WIFI adapters from intel boards?

looks like it

They can be a royal nightmare at times, sometimes they just work, other times they don't.
sometimes it depends on which router you use, sometimes it can be a driver problem.
On my laptop i skip the wireless connection whenever possible and just go with the cabled solution since it spams the AP with invalid packets, until it gets disconnected, which happens at total random times, sometimes it doesn't happen for days other times it can't stay connected for 5 minutes.
My intel compute stick has the same behavior as you described, but a driver update alliviated the problem a little, but it is far from stable.
There is not much to do except try the newest drivers, at least if you're running windows.