Windows can not install required files. make sure all files required for installation are available, and restart the installation

error code 0x80070022 is showing.

I’m trying to format and reinstall Windows 10. It is giving me one hell of a time trying to get windows reinstalled.

I’ve tried reinstalling the image to the thumb drive. Any insight on how to correct this? The machine was running fine before this. It was just really loaded down with HP bloatware and what not. I’ve done this before on other machines with no issue…

I’ve tried windows 10 and 11 and neither will install, both are giving the same error.

I’ve tried using RUFUS as well to no avail. This is very frustrating.

just to clarify did you use the windows installation media tool to create the installation media (not download ISO)?
and have you tried another thumb drive, it could be going bad

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Also use a USB 2.0 port thats close as possible to the motherboard (ie no extenders, hubs and shit)

old, crusty, proprietary usb 3 controllers, a tale old as time

HP are notorious for sucking at booting from things, i hate working on them

Lol yes it is a HP laptop. Yes the thumb drive is old. Yes I used the Windows installation media tool. I will try everything you guys mentioned tomorrow. This same USB thumb drive did however just work on a Lenovo not minutes after posting this. I will report back tomorrow. I’m punched out for the night! Thank you!

It did end up being a bad USB flash drive! Thank you guys!!