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Windows build - please help

I am in need of a new computer. L1T’s is the most knowledgeable when it comes to the subject, I have looked at prebuilt boxes but feel like I’ll be ripped.

My only desire for this new device is that it has at least 16gb of RAM (I’m always running Linux VM’s. Tux <3). It’s not a requirement, but I would also like to be able to run Team Fortress 2 via Steam.

When it comes to games, it would be nice to play MMO type games. New World looks neat. 1080p 30-60fps? Resolution isn’t that important, I’d just like for it to run smoothly.

My ideal price range would be <=$2000USD

Good motherboard?
Power supply?

Any/all advice would be greatly appreciated. I’m a nooblet when it comes to hardware.

My main priority would be to run my Linux VM’s. I love doing CTF’s and HTB stuff.

Thanks in advance!

For starters what is your budget? Cost no object? or some price range?

Do you want IBM or AMD - which is better for Linux?

GPUs are radically overpriced now - 150 to 300% of MSRP.


Happy to help, but can’t really advise your correctly without budget and better description of use case.

For instance, I could suggest a 600-800 build using an APU, but that would be like 16Gb RAM + 5700G and then grabbing deals on everything else

Or, if you’re looking for something more midrange:

It starts becoming a juggle of concerns because, in todays market, pre-builds and building yourself comes out to about the same price, in many, many cases

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You need to decide on some priorities for your build.

GPUs are ranked in a hierarchy of gaming performance, so you can choose the minimum acceptable card from the hierarchy and go with that. Then make sure it is a good GPU for linux.

Probably next is the CPU, which will than determine the motherboard and type of memory that would be a good fit. Power supplies are chosen on power demand but also quality.


What kind of games do you play and which resolution?
TF2 on it’s own isn´t really a very demanding game for example.

But without budget we cannot really give proper advice.


<$2000 would be ideal.

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I would like to play MMO games , possibly New World. Resolution isnt super important, I’d just like the game to room smoothly. 1080p sounds nice, maybe 30-60fps?

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New World is actually pretty intensive at higher settings, but more than doable. I’d recommend shooting for [email protected] with your budget

If you’re a Linux guy, AMD 6700xt or 6800xt depending what you can actually find

If you’re a windows guy and just use Linux VMs, 3070Ti is probably what you want (3080 would’ve been go to if you can get lucky with finding a non marked up one)


The 6600 and 6600xt are terrible values and should be avoided.

The 3060 is a better buy at that price.

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AMD Ryzen might be ideal for your needs.

  • Cpu: 5800X.
  • Gpu: RX6600.
  • Psu: Seasonic prime 650W or 750W 80+ Gold.
  • Motherboard:

In regards to motherboards there are really plenty of choices.
If you don´t like a chipset fan like on the regular X570 boards.
You could decide to go with one of the newer X570S boards.
I wouldn´t really recommend B550 at this point if you are ever,
going to be serious in regards to virtualization with pci-e passtrough.
Because the last time i looked into that the iommu group situations for most B550 boards were far from ideal.

X570S boards.

  • Gigabyte X570S Aorus pro.
  • Gigabyte X570S Aero G.
  • Msi X570S MEG ACE Max.
  • Msi X570S Tomahawk max.
  • Asrock X570S Riptide.

Just to name a few options.


I love Linux but will probably leave them in the VM. I’ll keep the OS Windows for study and future work needs. Thanks so much for the recommendations. I’ll keep a look out for these. Thank you

Amazing, thank youuuuu. I’ll look for these pieces.

Note that the Msi X570S MEG ACE Max is a little bit of an expensive board.
And might be overkill for your needs.
However the main reason why i listed that board is because i suppose,
it´s going to be in a similar price range of the Gigabyte X570S Aorus Master.
But in my opinion the Msi offers more for the money.

But what i´m trying to say is that you won´t really need such an expensive higherend motherboard.
Something like the Msi X570S Tomahawk, the Gigabyte X570 Aorus pro or Asrock X570S riptide would likely also offer most the base features you would need.


Oh yeah i forgot to mention memory.

2x 16GB Crucial Balistix 3600Mhz CL16 kit

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Incredible. I really appreciate it. I’m running 16 memory now, so 32 would be a nice upgrade. :slight_smile: Looking at prices now. I really only know of newegg. Are there any other online sources for good hardware? I ask too much.

Also before i forget if you don´t really mind the chipset fan on a motherboard.
Then you could also look at the older regular X570 boards.
Those are generally a bit cheaper.

The Asrock X570 Taichi would be a board i could recommend.


I agree with almost all of this except I’d switch the RX6600 for RTX 3060

Also, if you find yourself stretching the budget the 5800x is basically just a juiced up 5700x , so you can always save a little there if you need to OP

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Depends on the price between both gpu´s i guess.
But i also took the Linux support part in the consideration,
although Nvidia also has Linux drivers.
I don’t think that topic starter is a heavy gamer perse 1080p.
That’s why i choosed for the RX6600 gpu pretty much.

5700X not sure if that cpu exists?
Or do you mean the 5700G apu?

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Ope. Yeah, you’re right was thinking of 5800 (non-x) and 5700G as 5700x for some reason lol

Ended up combing them in my head.

And yeah, if he rolls a linux distro bare metal, I think AMD is the way to go, though I’d tell him to budget for at least 6700xt in that case

More I was responding to him saying he thinks he’ll them in VMs, in which case, I think he should go with the 3060


I guess the RX6600 is fine for 1080p, but ugh it’s such a bad value product (especially for today) and 1440p is basically the new resolution standard.


i have to agree with that statement.
However in regards to “affordable” gpu´s this is pretty much,
what we are stuck with at this point i guess unfortunately.
It’s pretty much the cheapest good 1080p card,
unless you go out and search for previous gen used cards.
But that is not really something i feel comfortable recommending to anyone.


If 1440p is the new standard, I’d prefer to go with that. So I don’t have to upgrade my box every year or so.

If I wanted 1440p gaming, what would be the best gpu/cpu for it’s value? RX6600:5800X?

Thanks in advance