Windows boot error after (re)installing DVD drive

Hi everyone,

I recently removed my DVD drive from my Win 8.1 desktop PC so that I could give it to my girlfriend (she needed to burn some CDs and didn't have one). While the drive was gone I used my PC as usual but after plugging it back in my Windows will not boot anymore. The light blue screen appears during boot telling me that something is wrong with my Windows. I tried fixing it by booting from the windows cd and running the repair tools, but that didn't sole it (i would have been surprised).

If I disconnect the DVD drive Windows boots again.

Do you know how this problem could be solved? It would also be very interesting to know what causes my problem.

Any help is appreciated :-)

might have to do with the boot priority in the bios. connect dvd drive and boot to bios. set hdd/ssd to boot first and so on

I'm gonna try this as soon as I am home again (monday :-S ). thank you!