Windows Boot Disk Management

I was hoping to find a guide or a PowerShell script for an issue I have been having keeping my Windows 10 installation as small as possible.
While I could tease some kind of solution together… I do not want to reinvent the wheel if I do not have too. I have a very tiny M.2 SSD that Windows 10 is installed on and I’m constantly managing space and meaning to finally fix it for good.
I’m probably planning to make a clean install to avoid issues with current stuff. I want to offload everything but drivers and the OS itself but I doubt I even know all of the things that windows writes randomly and if there is even a way to stop it from doing so.

Tl’;Dr I want to lypo my C:\ drive plz teach me how to dougie

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Uninstall everything you don’t critically need.

Lower the paging file to like 2GiB.

Clear recycle bin.

Delete shadow copies of previous file revisions.


I did discover I had a game sitting in there that I hadn’t noticed. I was looking for a way to forbid things from writing to the drive. I’ve got AppData, Downloads, … etc symlinked to another drive but this one still seems to fill up

I really want to know if there is a more elegant solution than symlinks as I would assume that screws with file system optimization