Windows Blue Screening On start? Halp

     Hi there, I was running windows 7 on my system for about 3 or 4 months, I also had my cpu overclocked (had sufficient cooling thing with my h100). Recently my computer started blue screening randomly, then it eventually just started blue screening as I booted up windows, unless I put it in safe mode. I then installed windows 8 onto my ssd and it worked fine for a few hours, as I was installing my video card drivers, the system started to blue screen again, first randomly then eventually every time I booted up (the error it was giving me was WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR). I then tried to re-install windows again but now I am blue screening as I boot from the cd/usb windows drive (both windows 7 and 8).

  - I reset my mobo's cmos and reset all my overclocks.

  - I ran memtest 86 and it completed the test with no problems. (also recognized my cpu if that means anything).

  - I tried running the boot ssd on my laptop and it booted up fine (even tried re-installing from laptop).

  - I tried updating my mobo's bios (which works perfectly), and also checked for an ssd firmware update (there            was       none).

  - I checked all my cabling and everything seems to be intact and functioning properly.

  - I also checked my gpu and if I run with only my onboard graphics, the problems still occur.

  All of this and and I still bluescreen on windows startup disk/windows launch immediately causes a blue screen. I currently think this is a problem with my motherboard, but I could be completely wrong. What else could I do to fix this? Also if you could help me narrow down the problem to a specific component that would be helpful as well.

   Any help would be much appreciated <4




Did windows install using AHCI, RAID or IDE? Try switching the Sata modes to see if that will work

I have tried it in both IDE and AHCI modes, the windows disk blue screens regardless. Also if it helps, the windows disk blue screens right as it begins to load windows files (after the two white bars get filled, and the windows 7 logo animation starts), and on the windows 8 install disk it crashes while the windows 8 logo is still there.

If that's the issue then he will have to boot using IDE mode then install the SATA drivers through windows then it should work in AHCI mode if the drivers support it.

I can't boot into windows tho :/ . The windows that I have installed on my ssd blue screens on startup, and the install disk for both windows 7 and 8 blue screens also.

gonna sound silly but change over the sata ports your boot drive and disk drive is using, don't use either of the same one one's when moving them over.

had a similar issue with my gf's pc, windows 7 would freeze on install from disk. this magically fixed it.


EDIT: also try some fresh sata cable's too.

Nope that didn't do the trick for me, I have also tried installing windows via booting through usb, so I am fairly sure that my sata/dvd reader aren't the issue.