Windows Blue Screening/ Abuntu Crashing Halp

Hello there, I recently have been having problems with my computer blue screening on windows/windows start up disk. (Made a previous post

 I tried to load up with a desktop version of Abuntu to see if that would work, but I got this error screen on startup        as well.

 sorry for bad quality



Since Abuntu has a more detailed error screen than windows, was wondering if somebody could tell my what my hardware/software problems are with my system. Thanks for any help in advance.

I dont know where you have those pics hosted, but they are forbidden. Anyways, your previous post says you had your CPU overclocked, have you tried resetting the default clock settings? 

That error code usually means that the system has a fatal hardware issue. What kind of hardware do you have?

Host pics over at or somewhere similar.

Sorry about the pics not working, here are the imgur links.


I managed to get the system to work but I have to turn off 2 of the cpu cores, so that it doesn't crash on startup. I disabled the overclock as well as tested all the other components, and it still crashes if I don't disable the 2 cores. I think its probably a cpu failure problem or something along those lines, but if looks like its not would appreciate a reply.