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Windows audio balance goes awry


I’m using a laptop with Windows 10. Every day I have to go into the sound balance in control panel to fix the left/right balance. One of them will go incredibly low for seemingly no reason, usually upon waking up the laptop from having the lid closed.

I know how to fix the balance but I don’t know how to prevent whatever is shifting them in the first place. Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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which version of windows 10?

you might try checking this setting to see if its set or not


then uncheck if it is checked of course.

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It is unchecked.

I am using Windows 10 Home edition.

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I would try uninstalling the sound driver and installing the latest after that. See if the laptop manufacturer has some driver package.

If the problem remains specifically in situations when the machine wakes up from sleep, it could be an issue with the driver or other audio related software that was bundled with the machine that messes up when entering or recovering from sleep mode.

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Had that with my dell Latitude. Ran the Dell Command Update and found an audio driver; seemed to have straightened him out.



I have a Dell Inspiron so I don’t think I get Dell Command Update.

I’ve tried uninstalling the driver but it seemed to reappear instantly? I’ll see how thing go from here.