Windows 8 won't install on ssd

Hey all,

So yesterday I finished building a new gaming machine. I then tried to install windows 8.1 on the new ssd I was planning as a boot drive. But, the disk would read but wouldn't boot to the ssd (Samsung 840 Evo 120gb). This is probably some lack of technical know how on my part. I also couldn't find a coherent solution online.

My original hdd has an oem version of 7. So my question is do i wipe the old harddrive and update or update it to 8.1.Then from here do I migrate 8.1 to the ssd?

I know that is a lot of questions, but any help any of you could provide would be really helpful.
Thank you in advance


Go ahead and wipe it. Most times the old MBR records are what hangs Windows 8.1.

Hmm I'm gonna let someone who knows about this a lot more than me! But all I can tell you is that I personally installed windows 8 on a SSD drive and everything is running absolutely fine! How are you trying to install windows? Using a CD or a Usb?

Also if you have multiple hard drives installed it might be a case of going into the bios and changing the order of the boot drives?

Anyway hope someone can give your a more educated answer! :)

are you sure u made the SSD the main boot drive?

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Yes I made the ssd the boot drive, only that and the dvd drive are connected to the mobo. I was planning on wiping the old drive anyways.

And I was getting the message of select the proper boot device. So I would load up the disc and hit enter but it wouldn't go anywhere.