Windows 8 Registry Hack

I have had my Windows 8 copy for a while now, I bought it online, through the Microsoft store for $90 a few months ago and my HDD failed a month into owning it. I quickly replaced it and installed it on an SSD, which failed also. I then went to install it on a brand new SSD and suddenly the product key didn't work. I have tried Microsoft customer service, which turned out to be a lost cause. I have been using it for 2 months unactivated and I upgraded to the Windows 8.1 Preview, I was wondering if anyone knew of any registry hacks or hacks in general to activate Windows 8 without a product key, because mine isn't going to work anytime soon.I would prefer not to download and install KMSPicio, as Google Chrome recognized it as malicious software and asked me if I was sure I wanted to download it. I would gladly accept any help and any links as to how to fix my problem.

Full windows 8 version? not an upgrade or a pre built pc?

Usually i just ring M$ with my key/proof of purchase and they give me a code over the phone to use.

I got the full version, I had Windows Vista before and just flat out reformatted my HDD and installed Windows 8. I tried calling them but all the methods are horrible and now I can't even find a support number that is official.

The only "hack" I know of just injects a new product key and validates it so you can call the 1-800 number and do it over the phone. I think I may have a code I can give you, though, from a dead laptop in the junk room, let me look. May not work since it could be OEM.


Give me a way to contact you and I'll send you the code.

go to run then type "slui.exe 4" and hit enter (no quotes)

You should then be able to see the number to activate by phone, follow the instructions and use your key, in theory this should activate it.

If not

The customer service phone number for the United States is:
1-800-Microsoft (642-7676)

TTY: 1-800-892-5234

Just say you recently upgraded your HDD and Motherboard and now your key wont work, make sure you have your key and or ordernumber (reciept) handy incase they ask for proof of purchase.

I just went ahead and called 1-800-Microsoft and the wait was awful, but my wretched problem got fixed. The person helping me over the phone told me that a Windows 8.1 Preview product key should work for it and he had no idea why it wasn't. He then told me to re enter my Windows 8 product key and it magically worked. I gave them my name and email in wich I bought Windows 8 online with at the start of the call. I have no idea how they made my key work but they did. I am so thankful for your help.