Windows 8 regedit error

network error windows cannot access regedit  error code 0x800704b3

I keep getting this issue every time I try to open regedit on windows 8 any ideas.



that error is caused by loads of diff things, but usually means somethings corrupted.

so youl just have to do the usual and run all the system admin tools like chkdisk,defrag etc, these might fix it but its hard to say as it could technically be any file on the PC, perhaps a roll back to before the failure or even a repair of windows might work better.

Open elevated command prompt.  Cut and paste or type: DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth  Let it repair your image.  It will not delete any data.  See if it works and post back.

EDIT:  this is an online repair so make sure you are connected to internet.

yap or if that doesnt work try

sfc /scannow

It replaces important systemfiles.

Good Luck

sorry for the delay in the response I did not get the chance to try it.  My friend just did a reformat of the os but ty for the help.  I will try it when I next have the same problem.