Windows 8 pro for £25 is it worth it

I am running amd fx8350 rig 16 gig of ram, there has been mixed reception to windows 8. So what Iam asking is shoul take the plunge and upgrade from windows 7 ultimate edition, or just stick?

Are you happy with windows 7? Is there anything you do not like about windows 7?

yes, I like win 7, but have given to believe that win 8 supports amd cpu's better then win 7.  So I dont know what to do, stick with what I know and happy with, or switch to prouduct that may be bettter and I probaly get used to.

from stuff ive read win 8 works better with the intergrated graphics on AMD chips rather than with "all" AMD chips. If win7 does what you want and yoour happy with it id stick with win7 for now.

Here is what I would do then. Get windows 8 now but don't use it until service pack 1 is released.

They are already doing code changes via the normal windows update, so waiting for the first SP might not be the same as it was for xp/vista/7 etc.

thanks for the advice  I will stick with win 7,for time being I have upto the end of the mounth to take advantage of this offer