Windows 8 Password Recovery of my employees just brought me a Lenovo computer with Win 8 on it that he inherited from his grandmother, it is locked (password-ed) and they do not know the password, they do not have any original install cds or documentation for the PC, obviously they want to use the computer and are curious as to what is on and such.

They think I'm some kind of computer geek with magical powers that can snap my fingers and unlock this PC for

So lets not disappoint them, how do I reset the password on Win 8 without any Win 8 media or buying a password recovery program? I haven't looked at the box yet and I'm assuming it's a local account not a MS account which they wouldn't have access to anyway, and before someone sez just ask grandma what it is we will need to make a call to the here-after since she is dead.

Any help would be appreciated.

You might reinstall a fresh os and and use which the free version has been decent for recovering just photos of stuff? Last ditch effort. Get other opinions.

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Use DaRT.

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I guess I could boot it up with a Linux live CD and retrieve what they want off of it, they do have a OEM Win 7 CD that the license is no longer in use that as a last ditch effort I could wipe it and install that to get them something usable, but I'd like to get it operational as is for the street cred if you follow

A Google search brings back nothing computer you have a link?

I think that would be worth the try since the os is not important. Linux should be able to see anything that is kind of standard in my limited linux exp.

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Thanks for the link that looks promising, I'll give it a shot tonight and see how it goes.

I learned something new. :) Life is good. thanks Peanut

Yes, but what version exactly? Win 8 or 8.1 or x86 or x64?

It has a tag on the PC stating Win 8, but to be honest until I look at it tonight I have no idea, they do not know when the last time it was turned on or if automatic updates were turned on so it could have anything from Win 8 to Win 10 on it since I'm sure it has been updating when it was on because they are not the type to peek under the hood or tinker with any of the settings.

Go with the dart version for win 10 x64 then.

I haven't tested backwards comparability but it should work for Win7-10. If the architecture doesn't match tho, I think you'll need the generic password reset iso or will need to use the win10 x86 dart.

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K....Thank you!

Hirens boot cd:

Burn it and boot to that. Under MSDOS tools (I think that's what it is called) there's an option called password removal or something along that lines. Follow the instructions under that and you can remove the password from the OS.

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I was just about to recommend that. Hirens is what I learned to use in my OS class.

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Might not apply directly to win 8 but it is possible.

with the install DVD change Utilman to cmd (in cmd) then open cmd net user and change the password on the login screen

with win7 you had to do an ugly shutdown and send report from what location? "here have full access..." never mind that I'm in now to change one thing to

I have no idea why these exploits were not patched, seriously, what kind of security is this???????

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Pogostick is likely easier and better. I believe I used it on Win8

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When in doubt, just find a quick copy of the GeekSquard MRI Disc. It has built in password removal and many other things.

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It works fine on 8 and 8.1 on local accounts. Naturally it doesn't work on MS accounts.

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