Windows 8 on new PC

hi i will be building a pc on the 15th for the first time.  I was wondering wat u have to say about windows 8, also (this is extremely important) will it run all games without conpatibility issues such as DayZ, crysis 3, bf3,tomb raider, bioshock inf. and free to plays such as heroes and generals tf2 and ps2.  Also im quite interested in the metro and the lay out looks cool, plz can u answer. And thx!


Win8 isnt bad, if you hate it after buying it, you can always just use start is back. I recommend it. It runs games faster in some cases even.

the only problem i have had with win8 is running some older games that would work on win7 but it was mainly directx issues but i have found ways to get them to work.

other than that win8 is pretty good if the missing start button is an issue check out logan's new win8 de-sucking video

Great, as long as you understand a few things about Windows 8:

- not all peripherals you might have are compatible with W8;

- it's not any safer than Windows 7, if you have a UEFI secure boot enabled BIOS it's even less secure ;

- W8 requires you to re-DRM all your steam games under Windows Live Games, which means that if Microsoft feels like it or further slides down into the abyss, they can take away your games. Once you've enthralled your games to Microsoft, you are at their mercy, they can switch to Microsoft Blue really quickly and make you pay monthly or yearly just to keep your games and apps. At least the license agreement with Windows 7 doesn't allow them to do that, well, the license agreement from Windows 8 does.

- you need to read the license agreement from the website, because the packaging or online sales process is so that you have to accept it before you have access to a full copy of it, so be prepared, read the license agreement of Windows 8 before you accept it. And if you buy the download version, you don't have proof of the exact license agreement that is applicable, unless you pay for an affidavit from a certified accountant or notary public or something that proves the exact state of the license agreement at the moment of purchase.

- If the Windows Store dies, and it only exists a few months up until now, and hasn't had a lot of success, it will take all the W8-DRM'ed titles with it in it's demise. I have to say that I have a lot more confidence in nVidia, Valve Software, Intel, AMD, IBM, Red Hat, which are all moving to GNU/Linux very fast, to the extent where this year there will be the nVidia Project Shield and the Valve Steamboxes running GNU/Linux, as well as the PS4 having switched to OpenGL etc, so where does that leave Microsoft with it's limited and ancient Direct3D11 in the global picture? Well, in my opinion, it doesn't leave Microsoft in a strong enough position to trust them enough to DRM all my games they have nothing to do with, because I bought them from Valve or Origin or Google PlayStore, but everyone has to make up his/her own mind about that.

Win8 is fine logan uses it, worst case scenario use Logans de-suck method like I mentioned earlier