Windows 8 migrate to a new build

i have a oem windows 8 product key off a laptop that has been brought over to windows 7

what is the best legal way (i am not a huge fan of the sailors bay) to get the OS onto my new desktop and be a legal copy?

Did the laptop come pre-installed with Windows 8? As far as I know you cannot re-use OEM Windows on another computer. Apparently the EULA for Windows states "single copy on a single computer" for OEM versions.


Assuming the key isn't actually OEM, you can download Windows 8 directly from them, no need for torrent sites if you have a legit key.

Here's a link to a tutorial to download the install disk with your key:


No harm in trying it out. I would guess that it will tell you if you aren't supposed to use the key.

Good luck

it came preinstalled with 8 so i think it is a oem key. but my understanding was you can move an oem key once as long as Microsoft give you their "blessing" over the phone  

yes, but have fun with that

if i cant i can go Linux till i can buy a full windows 8 copy