Windows 8 Help?

Alright I know alot of you guys will say NO to windows 8 gaming, but I want the simplistic UI like W8. If I get the current version of W8 I get the servicepacks, right? I thought I did but I wasn't sure. I do plan on having a touch screen monitor as my secondary for the fast browsing without having to alt tab. Also will a 550 Ti Have trouble with drivers? I haven't seen anyone having touble but agian, I haven't seen everything on the internet. It also runs all the games that I play, BF3, WoW(I think?). 

What are your thoughts?

Some gamers have reported they have not had any issues with games running on 8.

And no, you're way too early for it. No SPs yet, which everyone, including Logan, is braging on about it.

Ok, so I should wait until they come out. Got it.

I did a inplace upgrade to Win8 on Friday. So far my gaming performance has been the same in WoW and CS:GO. Really have not tested anything else.

Ok, I'm just going to wait until the servicepack comes out. ;)

I don't understand why anyone would voluntarily use the metro UI, I've removed all use of it and I'm using the desktop interface for gaming. Seems pretty good for that for now. No problems with the things I've been playing like Borderlands 2 and Dishonored but I forgot to back up BF3 (How stupid was that).

You shouldn't have any trouble with drivers for the 550 Ti.