Windows 8 gaming?

I'm think of switching to a clean install of windows 8 on my machine with ubuntu dual boot. My question is that as I will pretty much only be playing games on windows is Windows 8 good for games? I play mostly things like Dota2 lol and starcraft. I play other games too like borderlands 2, Dark souls and torchlihgt 2. I have 120 games on steam with most beeing humble bundle games but just that most of my major games work. Thanks in advance.

All my 40+ steam games work flawlessly on windows 8. But why wouldnt they? windows is still windows after all.

dont do it dont suport the microsoft crap they call windows 8 it is worse than vista ever was

And on which grounds do you make these allegations?

Its true that its not perfect, but i myself didnt have any real dealbreaking problems with windows 8. And what is your alternative to "suporting the microsoft crap", linux perhaps? Oh wait, there really arent that many games on linux. OSX....? Oh wait....... we cant "suport that crap" either.

windows 8 is windows 7 with a new skin. they just reliced it so it will have some glitches still. 

The only game I have had trouble with was Dirt 2, which I could fix easily but I didnt really care that much.Other then that I have never had any problems what so ever. 

I will be installing Windows 8 later this week thanks for the answers.

I've been running windows 8 for almost 3 months now and the only issue I've had is getting the linux bootloader working. All my games have worked great and it's easy to ignore the start screen.