Windows 8 framerate help

Hey all, I just built a gaming new pc and was convinced at the store (sadly) to buy windows 8 to go along with it.

I installed windows 8 on a 64gb SSD and installed Black ops 2 and WoW on my 1Tb HDD.

When I go download drivers from AMD for my GPU and install my games they work fine getting around 100fps. Then once I set my pc on sleep or restart and I try to play the games I only get about 20fps and it is super choppy. I end up having to keep reinstalling my drivers, everytime I turn my pc back on. I am not sure how to resolve the problem wether it had to do with my 2 drives and where things are installed, or if I am not doing something right when installing the AMD drivers. Never had this problem with windows 7. What should I do?

my specs

amd phenom II x4 970 3.5ghz

7870ghz edition

8 gb vengence ddr3

64gb SSD

1tb HDD

Either go back to windows 7, or don't put your pc in sleep mode.

yeah.. go back to windows 7 it's way better

When you installed your drivers, did you let Windows Upate find them for you or did you use the drivers from the hardware manufactures website specified for Windows 8?

Are you using amd catalyst or the standalone drivers for your card? If you are using amd catalyst, first punch yourself in the face. (I have had headache beyond headhaches using amd catalyst in the past.)  Then remove catalyst and try to find the standalone driver, see how that works out for you.