Windows 8 downgrade to 7?

I have an ssd in my rig the Kingston HyperX 120gb

Currently running windows 8.1 however im considering to downgrade to windows 7 


However would you reccomend this? Would the performance benefit or not?


I wouldn't really see the performance benefit at all, considering that Windows 8.1 boots to my desktop in 15 on a mechanical hard drive.

If you mean games, most games run fine on 8.1 and some games have a boost in fps, nothing ground breaking just around 2-3 fps. If you are absolutely tearing your hair out and have the money to blow on a Windows 7 key then go for it.

there's next to no game preformence difference between win 7 and 8. boot times maybe but for just plug and play go win 7 for sure. and you would have to reformat the SSD to put win 7 on it fresh. win 8 is the next worst OS to vista. nuf said