Windows 8 admin account password recovery

So i have this craptop and i was told to reset the admin password on it, (laptop is not mine, I'm not dumb enough to forget my login) but my question is are there any free tools available to reset the password and regain access to this computer?

I haven't tried it on Windows 8, but I use HIREM's Boot CD.
Clears/resets passwords on every Windows XP, Vista, or 7 install I've had turn up (free laptops where I don't want to reinstall, don't worry.. I delete the personal data without looking at it).

There's a couple. I usually just use DaRT but that's not "free".

There's OPH crack for cracking passwords for fun instead of just resetting it.

There's also the universal password reset iso from a kickstarter project.

And then what you're looking for is probably

Then there's good ole renaming osk.exe to osk.old.exe and copying cmd.exe to osk.exe and booting.

Then start the accessibility keyboard and: net user admin *
To reset the password.