Windows 8, 400% more exspensive

What do you guys think?

The end of Windows as we know it. Seriously, sales were underwhelming enough as it is, and they have the audacity to charge that much for it? Seriously, no one really wants Windows 8, and there isn't much incentive to upgrade unless you're coming from XP. This is only going to further drive both consumers and devs to Linux.

this can't end well, i used to like you microsoft... why you do this?

I mean this strategy worked for the company Grey Goose...... Though, I think this may kill microsoft.

well this is definately a shitty move. on that note, can you buy the windows 8 uprgrade from windows 7 and install it at will when you please? cause if so im gonna buy win 8 now and install it when im actually happy with it like say in a few months times.

If they offered a downgrade without red tape i'd be all over that. but i don't see that happening

actually, this isn't THAT bad. comparable to win7. the full edition of win 7 pro is about the same. the cheaper ones you guys are used to is the mobo-locked OEM version.

anybody here know, cause i think this kind of relevant to the subject at hand considering that some of us do want to upgrade at somepoint