Windows 8.1

While this could easily go in a number of forums, I'm curious about the opinions of the more heavily gaming-minded among us:

If Windows 8.1/blue/whatever actually does reintegrate the start button and let you boot to desktop, will that be enough to get you to upgrade?  

I'm aware of all the software allowing you to do this already, and Logan has covered some on more than one occasion, but the idea of "upgrading" to something I had to fix seemed a bit too absurd. Thoughts? Is this enough of a fix? Have you already upgraded anyway?

I don't have it on my PC (because I can only setup my windows 7 to get physx on my amd card) But I will get it for my Laptop, that I am going to repair. Because the speeddiffrence matters in that case. I'll just throw start is back at it, and everything is fine :D

Honestly, I've had windows 8 since around Christmas...on BOTH my laptop and desktop, and honestly, once I got used to how Metro decided to derp everything, it's really not that bad.

Granted, I don't stray too far from the desktop, but still. Only *real* Windows 8 issue I have had so far is it would like to deactivate itself every time i rebooted, but eventually that problem went away.

As much as not having a start menu SUCKS, I like the little new things that have been added, like the revamped task manager, the ability to pause file transfers, just little things like that.

Yeah, call me whatever you want, it was a $15 experiment that I actually ended up liking. :P

Still miss my Windows 95 days where I would look at it the wrong way and my PC would catch on fire. 

Good times.