Windows 8.1 Thoughts?

Yo Guys! 


I watched your video on your Windows 8 "improvements". The one that stood out to me the most was bringing back the infinitely useful Start button that you could actually run a search on.


I guess the question I intend to ask is Windows 8.1 added the Start button. Can you please share your thoughts? I find the addition to be lacking in the sense that you have to use the stupid charms to search for programs/files that are handy. I found that there are some options when you right-click on the Start Button but it is limited. Start is back is a lot more useful than Windows 8.1's addition then again, I CAN JUST STICK WITH WINDOWS 7.





I really like 8, I have no qualms with it. The only issue anyone has with it is the UI and it's a shame since it runs so well.

But, on course, I can't answer your question since i haven't updated yet.

When I installed Windows 8.1 the first time I got the user profile service error after setting a password. I almost punched a hole though the monitor like Pai Mei from Kill Bill 

lol waehake


8.1 has horrible drivers atm. 

Don't mind using it. My Laptop came with it and I kinda like the Win 8. Here's the catch- I haven't used Metro ever. I browsed the app for when I first got it and that was it. I dislike Metro because it's badly executed. If they could have pulled it better it would have been great.  

However, I don't plan to use it on my PC just because it isn't supporting my card. 

8.1 is just an obligatory update from MSFT and isn't of much worth. The Start button is just a bookmark and doesn't fix the condition with Metro.