Windows 8.1 onedrive folder won't sync

My onedrive out of the blue won't sync anymore, I ran the onedrive troubleshooter still won't work when I run sync manual it says no file's have changed any ideas ?,

Are you getting any error messages when logging into windows after a cold boot?

No error message at boot in fact the icon in the notification area says everything is fine, it's when I try to open a file in the one drive folder it says sync error and its not backing up new files, Also when I run the sync manual with the metro app it says nothing has changed.

If there are no apparent errors, try disconnecting your account and then reconnecting it. 9 times out of 10, it should rectify the problem unless there's a file that is causing a problem.

Switched to a local account then back to my microsoft one does the same thing I get this error every time I try to open a file from onedrive. When I click view sync problems it just says all files are up to date

And it still doesn't state what/where the sync problem is?