Windows 8.1 for the cheap and is it worth it?

So I'm considering upgrading to Windows 8.1 Before I do I have some questions


First, is the Windows permission system still borked? (like it is still an annoying bitch after disabling UAC?)

Second did they fix the mouse issues with older games on 8.1?

Third, would it be even worth it for me? I have an 8350 (win7 hotfixes installed), an Samsung 120gb SSD, a 660TI, would I see any real performance boost? is their themes to make it not look like total shit?

Finally, where can I get it (legally, Winodws 8/8.1 torrents haven't worked well for me in the past) on the cheap? I don't feel like shelling out $130 for an OEM version

If Win7 ain't broke, don't fix it. Besides MS is working on the next iteration of Windows, which should have a more traditional desktop layout; a Windows 7 theme with the Windows 8 under-the-hood improvements. I'd just hold off until then.

Well I've been drawn to the alure of it being faster but I'm fine with Win7 for the time being, but I'd be nice if I could get a copy of Win8 for the cheap

I wouldnt pay for it. :)



I might get hate for this, but I actually really like the way 8.1 looks on a big monitor (27")